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The Development Institute Pays Working Visit to Partner Organisations in Benin

As part of efforts to ensure sustainable management of coastal resources in Ghana,  project coordinator at The Development Institute paid a working visit to partner organisations, CREDI-ONG and ECO-BENIN, in Benin under the Small-Scale Initiatives Program (PPI).

The visit, which took place from the 23rd to the 29th of the January, 2022, offered the opportunity to exchange knowledge and ideas about ways to improve sustainable management of coastal natural resources (wetlands, mangroves etc).

During the one-week visit, the representative from The Development Institute visited the Valley de Sitatunga and Foret de Aïzo at Zannoudji to learn about the West African sitatunga and methods adopted in managing these swamp-dwelling antelopes as well as the culture and traditions that shape the conservation of the Aïzo forest. A visit to the women group in the national park also revealed how the women support each other financially through a local initiative called Village Savings Association.

At the mono biosphere reserve, Eco-Benin outlined their strategy of using traditional concepts in protecting mangrove forests. They also showed how they engaged in frequent surveillance and patrols to arrest people involved in illegal fishing and practices, sea turtle protection and the touristic aspect towards conservation of the landscape. In addition to the visit, TDI also participated in the West Africa sitatunga group workshop held at Sita Lodge in Zinvie to update the workplan for 2022 to 2023, highlighting policy and advocacy, communication and structure and animation of the network.

On the whole, the goal of the exchange visit was achieved focusing mainly on acquiring additional knowledge for the sustainable management of coastal resources. We look forward to more of such opportunities in the near future.


Source: The Development Institute


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