Forest Governance Campaign

This campaign area focuses on enhancing greater democratic stakeholder participation in forest policymaking and management, particularly for forest dependent communities. This is to promote fair access, equitable benefits and greater democratic participation of communities in forest decision making.

It also seeks to improve transparency forest management information including in revenues and accountability of forest managers to the communities that own forests.

This campaign uses the FLEGT-VPA as the main vehicle for realising the changes. This campaign builds on the advocacy-drive forest governance monitoring system to also monitor, report, and advocate for improvement in information to local communities, benefits to local communities and responsibility of loggers to communities. The campaign also addresses the drivers of corruption fuelling illegal logging in the forest sector.

Forest and Climate Campaign

Forest and climate are inseparable as forests have great impact on the earth’s climate and vice versa. Forest loss contributes greatly to climate change and carbon can best be sequestered by healthy forests. That is why Forest Watch Ghana is also keen about issues relating to climate particularly mitigation by forest and the possible impact on people that depend on forest. This campaign seeks to ensure social and climate justice among others, in the use of forest for climate mitigation. This campaign also pushes for practical solutions to enhance the adaptive capacities of local farmers including agroforestry and other ecologically friendly models.

Forest and Mining Campaign

Mining is a great driver of deforestation and environmental degradation. This campaign area involves fighting against mining particularly in forest reserves, campaigning against bad mining practices, and protecting the rights of communities affected by mining among others.

Forest and Development

This campaign area focuses on promoting better forest management to ensure sustainable growth of forest dependent communities and the entire country at large. The campaign also focuses on revenues from forest, and how forests links with other sectors of the Ghanaian economy.